July 27 2016

Taikai Simulation and Volunteer Training

Shidokan is gearing up for the 2nd Canadian National Iaido Championships, to be held this fall in Montreal at our John Abbott location. In preparation for the event, our Loyola and John Abbott locations joined together for a class dedicated to taikai simulation. We also used the opportunity to prepare our volunteers for the upcoming championships.

Thank you to both Santoso Sensei and Dean Sensei for all of your hard work, dedication, and guidance in helping us to prepare for the nationals and grading.

July 19 2016

Guest Sensei(s) confirmed for the tournament.

We will be honoured to receive Sensei from Japan, USA and Canada.

Visiting Sensei:

  • Chihiro Kishimoto Sensei, Hanshi 8th Dan
  • Atsumi Hatakenaka Sensei, Kyoshi 8th Dan
  • Shozo Kato Sensei, Kyoshi 7th Dan
  • Goyo Ohmi Sensei, Kyoshi 7th Dan
  • Mitsuru Asaoka Sensei, Renshi 7th Dan
  • Stephen Cruise Sensei, Renshi 7th Dan
  • Pam Parker Sensei, Renshi 7th Dan
  • Takeshi Kimeda Sensei, Iaido 7th Dan

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July 16 2016

Women's Iaido Seminar with Hatakenaka Sensei hosted by CKF

It was a unique opportunity to female Iaidoka in Canada and to our friends around the world. On July 16 and 17, Atsumi Hatakenaka-Sensei (Kyoshi 8 Dan), the most senior, active female Iaido sensei in the world, led a seminar focused on developing women in Iaido.

Sensei not only worked with participants on improving their own training methods and practices, but also impart her knowledge, experience, and advice for thriving in a martial arts world growing in gender diversity.

» More about this event.

April 2016

The 2nd Canadian National Iaido Championships

The 2nd edition of the Canadian National Iaido Championships will be hosted in Montreal, QC by Shidokan Kendo & Iaido Club, and sponsored by the Canadian Kendo Federation.

The tournament will take place at John Abbot College, on the western tip of the island of Montreal, during the 2016 Labour Day weekend (September 3rd-5th). Combining a national taikai with a world class seminar, it will be a rare opportunity to both challenge and learn from your peers.

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April 24 2016

2nd Mu Mon Kai Iaido Open

We would like to congratulate the Mum Mon Kai dojo for organizing this event.

Participants had the opportunity to learn how Iaido competitions can help develop your awareness (watching high-level Iai), judgement (making objective win-lose decisions), and abilities (motivating each other to focus and strive for greatness).

A great tournament that will certainly serve as preparation for the 2016 Canadian National Iaido Championship coming in September in Montreal, QC.

» All the results

March 2016

CKF Newsletter

Dear CKF members, We are excited to announce the launch of the CKF Iaido Newsletter (CIN), a publication dedicated to supporting our members through increased communication, collaboration, and transparency. Released on a quarterly basis, the CIN will be a resource for current information, instruction, and insights from the federation and the wider Iaido community.

Within each issue, we'll be providing multiple opportunities for you to give feedback in an online form. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you like, and what you think we can improve. Printed copies will also be available for purchase. These magazine sized hardcopies are ideal for offline viewing, as a primer for prospective students, and as promotional material at events and demonstrations. Please contact for more information.

Members will have received a link to the newsletter from Please check your inboxes and enjoy!

CKF Iaido Newsletter Committee
Canadian Kendo Federation

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